Skydive Puerto Escondido

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Claudio Cagnasso

Today Claudio is one of the most renowned world-class skydiver athletes. He is a base jumper, wingsuiter, free flyer, expert in movement and angle flight and member of the awesome fly4life team with whom he lives the dream of every skydiver: travel, work and teach the sport. When he’s on the ground he’s in the sky flying his drone.

Luis Prinetto

Luis is a world-class skydiver, Free flyer, expert in movement and angle flight. He is co-founder of his own FLY4LiFE flight school to which he dedicates much of his time transmitting his knowledge and skills to new generations.

Luis has organized great Head Down formations and was part of the world record of 138 ways in 2012; as well as the three previous world records (53, 69 and 108 ways).

Rémi Angéli

French skydiver fallen from the sky on Mexican soil. His thoughts and way of life are reflected in his performance in the air and his unique and peculiar way of transmitting knowledge to his students: free, creative and artistic way of flowing in each jump. Rémi has traveled around different places of Latin America and North America bearing his knowledge. In addition, he led the first and only Head Down record in Mexico in 2012.

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