Skydive Puerto Escondido

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Christopher Patz

Freefly skydiving and tunnel coach specializing in movement. 3,500 freefly jumps. 1,000 hours of tunnel. One of the founding members of Horizon Skydiving Team

Christopher Patz

Benoit Lemay

Benoit Lemay

Rémi Angéli

French skydiver fallen from the sky on Mexican soil. His thoughts and way of life are reflected in his performance in the air and his unique and peculiar way of transmitting knowledge to his students: free, creative and artistic way of flowing in each jump. Rémi has traveled around different places of Latin America and North America bearing his knowledge. In addition, he led the first and only Head Down record in Mexico in 2012.

Fernando Gallegos

FERNANDO GALLEGOS, world-class Peruvian skydiver in free fall formation (FS). He has been the organizer of multiple international events. He is six times World Record and holds multiple Guinness Records.

He has held Pan American and Latin American championships.

Master Instructor, Instructor and Master Tandem Instructor.

Member and captain of the Latin American team MAFIA LATINA

Alethia Austin

World-class American skydiver in the discipline of VFS (Vertical).


She has 4,000+ jumps. She has been Freefly and Angle coach for 5 years.


  •  Creator of LSD Vertical and Angle Camps.
  • Regional Captain for the Women’s Vertical World Record.
  • Co-creator of Tunnel / Yoga Wellness retreats.
  • Sponsored by UPT, Tonyfly, Cypress and LB Altimeters.

Roberta Mancino

Italian skydiver in different disciplines (free flying, free style, wing suit and base jumper), international model.

She holds different international records.Italian European and world records.

She has about 13,000 skydives and BASE jumps. She has done many projects for Gopro, and many commercials like HTC, Nissan and she works as stunt woman for Marvel movies.

As a model she was named in 2010, the sexiest athlete in the world in Men’s Fitness magazine and has appeared in magazines such as Vanity Fair, Allure, Maxim, Vogue among others and has modeled combining skydiving for designers like Roberto Cavalli.

Jessica Maviano

Directly from Utah USA, Jessica has developed a passion for base jumping and the Wing Suit flight.  Her Wing Suit skydiving career began after almost 400 jumps when she put on for the first time a Wing Suit. Ever since, her focus has been primarily in it. 

¿Who would have thought that a student of business management and a college short distance winner athlete would have switched a pair of tennis to a wingsuit. Now, her awesome and fluid flight breaks speed through the air and she is part of the Velocity Equipment Team, one of the greatest rig companies worldwide.

Special guest

Norman Kent

More than 32 years in skydiving photography and cinematography reflects his genius and uniqueness doing unrepeatable compositions. He has a natural sensitivity to transmit emotions. Norman has worked for renowned film firms and has done uncountable television and advertising projects. Skydiving specialized magazines such as Parachutist Magazine and ParaMag have carried his art on their covers, where he has exalted the sport and the beauty of the beaches of Puerto Escondido.

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